The Compassion Fund was established in the 1990’s for the purpose of funding life saving veterinary care to sick or injured animals.  Many times in rescue, we encounter an animal who’s life is threatened by illness or injury.  We often have to make immediate decisions to provide immediate, life saving care for animals such as surgeries, amputation, blood transfusions and hospitalizations.  Therefore, we do not have time to raise funds or seek donations.  It is during these instances, we look to our compassion fund.

Last year, Concho Valley PAWS received over 130 calls of animals that were seriously injured.  Because of our Compassion Fund, we were able to make immediate medical decisions and help animals that would have otherwise died.  Some of the animals we have helped were stabbed, beaten with bats, burned and hit by cars.  It’s always heartbreaking to see these animals in these horrible situations, but because of generous donors such as you, we are able to see them through to the other side as they heal and become healthy, happy pets that have found new forever homes.