This is great news!  We couldn’t do the work we do in our community without our volunteers.  Please visit HERE for information on our volunteer opportunities.  From there you will be asked to complete a volunteer information form and schedule your volunteer training.  We can’t wait to meet you!

Thank you for helping this lost pet.  Concho Valley PAWS does not have the authority to impound stray or lost dogs.  But we would love to assist you to prevent the dog from having to go into the shelter.  There are a few options:

  1. If the pet has a collar, check for an ID tag or rabies tag. If the pet is not collared or tagged, please have the pet scanned for a microchip.  Any veterinary office can do this free of charge.  It can also be done at Concho Valley PAWS or San Angelo Animal Services.
  2. Please list the pet and a photo on our free lost and found website It’s easy and it’s free.  Be sure to include a photo of the pet.
  3. Place found pet flyers around the area where you found the pet. Free 8 1/2X11 posters are automatically generated by  All you do is print and post.
  4. Secure the pet in a safe place away from other animals until the pet is claimed.
  5. If the pet is not claimed in 3 days, and you can keep the pet for a temporary time, please enroll the pet in the Second Chance program and let PAWS assist you in responsibly rehoming the pet. Visit HERE.
  6. IT IS IN THE PET’S BEST INTERESTS TO STAY OUT OF THE SHELTER. While huge strides and improvements have been made in recent years to improve the shelter, it is still an overcrowded and scary place for pets.  If you can be a temporary home for this pet, we will help with vet care, food and other needs.
  7. If you are NOT able to secure the dog, please contact San Angelo Animal Control at 325-657-4224 and report that you have found a dog that you are unable to keep or secure. Animal Control will explain the city’s intake policies on strays.  If the dog is impounded and unclaimed within 3 business days, the dog will become available for adoption.  PAWS will then do our best to find a forever home for this pet.  Adoption for any pet is not guaranteed.  Space is an issue and the city may euthanize pets in the shelter for space as necessary.

The decision to rehome a pet is a big one.  We want to help guide you in this process.  We do not have the resources or space to take the pet from you immediately.  You made a commitment to love and care for this animal when you decided to bring it into your family and we know you want to make sure your pet will be safe.  We can help.

  1. Complete our questionnaire HERE.
  2. A knowledgeable member of our staff will reach out to discuss your unique situation and how we can help. Perhaps we can refer you to a trainer or veterinarian or assist with the cost of food or care.  We would love to see you and your pet stay together.  Maybe there a family member or friend who wants to continue care for the pet or who can help with the situation for a short time.  We want to help you look at ALL of the options.
  3. If the problem is one that cannot be addressed with behavior modification training or assistance, we will encourage you to enroll your pet in the Second Chance Program. To learn more, visit HERE.  This program will allow you to keep your pet in your home until we can find an adopter.  This is ideal because the pet will smoothly transition from your home into their new home and never have to experience the overwhelming shelter environment.  You won’t have to worry about the lack of space available for shelter pets or contributing to the space crisis that could put lives in jeopardy.
  4. If keeping the pet safe in your home is not a viable option, we will then discuss the process of referring you to the city’s animal shelter for intake services. IT IS IN THE PET’S BEST INTEREST TO STAY OUT OF THE SHELTER.  While huge strides and improvements have been made in recent years to improve the shelter, it is still an overcrowded and scary place for pets.  The shelter can pose risks to your pet’s health and adaptability.  Please consider ALL options before making this decision.  NO ANIMAL IS GUARANTEED ADOPTION.  EUTHANASIA IS STILL A VERY REAL RISK WHEN SPACE BECOMES AN ISSUE.

We are thrilled that you are interested in adopting a pet from us.  You are welcome to view adoptable pets online at or visit us in person at our Judith & David Hirschfeld Adoption Center at 3134 N. US Hwy 67.  We are located next door to the San Angelo Animal Shelter. Our adoption hours are Wednesday-Friday 1pm-7pm and Saturday 11am-4pm.  Special appointments are available.

Please visit HERE to complete the necessary adoption application One of our adoption specialist will be in touch with you very soon.  Our standard adoption fees are $85 for adult dogs, $50 for adult cats and $150 for puppies under 4 months and $100 for kittens under 4 months.  However, we often have special adoption event pricing or sponsored pets!

Concho Valley PAWS is located inside the Judith & David Hirschfeld Adoption Center at 3134 N. US Highway 67 next door to the San Angelo Animal Shelter.  Our adoption hours are Wednesday – Friday 1pm-7pm and Saturdays 1pm-4pm.   Phones are answered during those hours as well.  You can reach us at 325-656-PETS (7387).  Because of busy phone traffic, it is often easier for you to reach us and get a quicker response via email at [email protected]

Thank you for reaching out to us.  We have a program that may be able to help.  Our Compassion Fund is comprised of donor dollars designated to help animals in crisis.  However, before we can commit to helping with your pet’s medical expenses, we need additional information to ensure you qualify for assistance.  Please complete the form at  IF THIS IS A LIFE OR DEATH SITUATION (i.e. sever injuries such as gunshot, hit by care, etc) please call 325-656-3950.  Please restrict phone calls to URGENT situations only.  Otherwise, complete the information form and include a photo of the pet.   A member of our staff will be in touch very soon.  The compassion fund is for unexpected illness or emergency and is not for the treatment of previously diagnosed chronic conditions.

Thank you for advocating for this animal’s safety.  Unfortunately, Concho Valley PAWS does not have any legal authority to address these issues.  However, if this issue is inside the city limits, San Angelo Police Department and Animal Control Officers do have jurisdiction.  Please report this concern to them at the numbers listed below.

San Angelo Animal Control: 325-657-4224

San Angelo Police Department Non-Emergency Dispatch: 325-657-4315

You can also report an ordinance violation such as chaining, tethering or breeding online at

If you live outside the city limits, you will need to contact the Tom Green County Sheriff’s Department at 325-655-8111

If you find a litter of tiny kittens outdoors, it’s natural to want to scoop them up and try to care for them yourself or take them to a shelter. But both of those options might actually place them in more danger. Young kittens are at high risk of dying in shelters because they require around-the-clock care and are very susceptible to illnesses that can be deadly.  The best thing to do for healthy kittens is to leave them with their mother, who is likely nearby planning to return and care for her babies.

First, you need to determine how old the kittens are.  THIS LINK can help determine an approximate age.

If the kittens you’ve found appear to be older than 8 weeks, they most likely don’t need your help.  Please visit to see if the kitten has been listed as lost.  If the kitten is a member of your neighborhood’s community cats, please visit to get a low-cost spay or neuter voucher.

If the kittens you have found appear to be younger than 8 weeks, then your next steps are below

  • Avoid handling the kittens and watch them from a distance for 10-12 hours. If the kittens seem healthy and content, mom will usually return when she feels it’s safe. If the kittens are exposed, attempt to find a safe, dry hiding spot nearby in the shade, move them and monitor them for from a safe distance for 10-12 hour.
  • If mom returns, leave the kittens alone for the time being. When they are 8 weeks or more you can schedule them to spayed or neutered along with mom.  Our voucher program can help.  The cats can then return to their neighborhood but they will no longer reproduce.  To purchase a spay or neuter voucher for your community cat, please visit our VOUCHER page.
  • If mom doesn’t return, kittens under 8 weeks of age will need intervention. Please complete the online form here