At PAWS, we want your pet adoption to be a success. That means having the tools and resources to correctly introduce a new pet into your family, proper training, addressing behavioral issues and maintaining a healthy pet. We have provided the links and information in our Pet Tips section to help you on this wonderful journey with your new furry family member.

Your New Pet: (highlights)

  1. Preparing Your Home for Your New Pet
  2. Top 10 Things To Do Before You Bring Your New Dog Home
  3. Top 10 Things To Do Before You Bring Your New Cat Home

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Pet Health: (highlights)

  1. Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog
  2. Signs and Treatment of Heatstroke in Dogs
  3. Allergies in Cats

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Pet Behavior: (highlights)

  1. Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language
  2. Cats Who Play Rough
  3. Do Dogs Get Stressed?

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Pet Training: (highlights)

  1. Leash Training for Dogs
  2. How To Keep Cats from Counter Hopping
  3. Teaching Your Dog to Ask to Go Out

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Local Resources: (highlights)

  1. Petco Pet Training
  2. PetSmart Pet Training
  3. Click Happens Pet Training

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