Planned giving makes your charitable dollar go farther. To maximize your charitable giving, as well as fulfill your own financial needs, you can fund the on-going activities of Concho Valley PAWS through your planned giving and estate planning. Making a gift to PAWS through your estate is one of the most effective ways to ensure that we continue to save the lives of adoptable animals now and for years to come. Planned gifts include bequests through your will, gifts that provide income to you and others for life, gifts of life insurance, charitable trusts, and gifts of retirement plans. These gifts can be made in cash, stocks, bonds, personal property, life insurance and real estate.

If you have any questions about the Planned Giving and Bequests program or any donation options, please email Jenie Wilson at [email protected].

Planned Giving Myths:

  1. Planned givers are not always “the wealthy”. Any gift amount given regularly or any portion of an estate can make a big difference.
  2. Not all planned givers are older. Some may have inherited wealth or have other sources of income that allow planned giving earlier in life.
  3. Planned gifts need not be kept a secret until the triggering event – PAWS would welcome the opportunity to discuss your vision for the impact you would like to have with your gift.
  4. Planned gifts don’t have to be posthumous – PAWS would enjoy being able to implement your vision during your lifetime, and share the news of your donation with other potential givers to inspire similar acts.



Nothing in the foregoing Planned Giving section of this Website is offered as legal advice or should be taken as such.  Rather, this section is designed to provide a general outline of options available to potential planned givers. If you wish to make a planned gift, you should consult an attorney to evaluate your individual circumstances.