We all wish we had the perfect pup or cat – and of course we do…except for that one little thing they do. Pet behavior is shaped by many factors and knowing how to deal with them can make both of your lives a lot easier and happier.


  1. Understanding Your Dog’s Body Language
  2. Cats Who Play Rough
  3. Do Dogs Get Stressed?
  4. Puppy Mouthing
  5. Begging at the Table
  6. Dogs Who Are Afraid of Riding in Cars
  7. How to Create a Digging Pit for Your Dog
  8. How to Avoid Separation Anxiety
  9. Calm Your Dog’s Thunderstorm Phobia
  10. Ways to Prevent Furniture Scratching
  11. How to Deal with the Attack Cat
  12. Behavioral Changes in Older Cats



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